Following the WhatsApp processor, the much-anticipated new feature will be introduced in the Facebook processor.

The highly anticipated Dark Mode feature on the WhatsApp processor has been tested recently in its beta version. Dark Mode is provided on Instagram and Facebook Messenger processors.

Along those lines, Dark Mode is expected to be launched soon on Facebook's Android processor. For the past few months, Facebook has been releasing details on the Android version of Dark Mode. Dark Mode is currently being offered on Facebook's Android beta processor.

Dark Mode is said to be the first choice of Android beta users. Screenshots confirming this have been released on the Internet. According to the screenshots, the Dark Mode in the Facebook processor seems to offer a Dark Mode similar to the WhatsApp processor.


WhatsApp recently released a new update for its Android beta users. WhatsApp is involved in the process of providing animated stickers. The information that has just been released is said to have been modified at the time the sticker pack was animated.

Also found near the sticker pack is the flea icon. Flea Icon provides the ability to view animations before downloading them. The new update also includes the Delete Messages option.

WhatsApp IOS Recently provided the ability to record WhatsApp account in version. This feature is used by IOS. Works only if the user has activated the iGoogle KeySelection option in their account. Similar feature is offered in the name of Account Transfer on the Android site.