Let us take a look at the launch of Bogo India's new low-cost Pogo X2 smartphone.

Pogo brand new smartphone to be launched in Indian market next month. Last week, Bogo said it would separate from Seoul and operate as a separate brand.

Bogo India's General Manager Manmohan Singh has said that Bogo brand will continue to launch flagship smartphones in India. The new Pogo smartphone is said to have a high-end processor and high RAM.

Pogo Brand Teaser

The new Pogo smartphone will go on sale by March this year, Pogo said. Pogo has also announced the launch of various smartphones in Pogo branding. One of the new smartphones, the Pogo X2, is to be launched.

Details of the smartphone features are expected to be announced soon. The Pogo brand sales, advertising and service divisions operate as separate teams and Siomi Group is responsible for the distribution, sales and services.